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As a family, we HIGHLY recommend the Ashwaubenon Co-Op Nursery School.  It has been such a blessing for our older daughter as an introduction to formal school and learning.  She's spent most of her time with her parents and family/close friends as babysitters, so she was very comfortable at home.  The schedule of three days a week for 2.5 hours a day is a great way to acclimate children and parents to the idea of school.  It can be scary for a kid and their parents if they're new to school and extended time away from each other.  I also really love the parent involvement.  Its minimal requirement only opens the door to as much involvement as personally feasible.  There's no pressure to do more, but it's always welcomed.  I look forward to having our second daughter attend in a couple years and am thoroughly enjoying our experience thus far!

~Heidi M. (2016-17 school year parent)


We can't say enough great things about the Ashwaubenon Co-Op.  First and foremost, Ms. Patty and Ms. Mallory are the epitomai of the phrase "dynamic duo" and it is evident that they have spent lots of time and energy honing their craft, both individually and as a team.  The thought that they put into each of their center time play areas (which change often), the books they choose to read, the weekly themes they come up with, the crafty (and daily!) art projects, the classroom visitors and field trips; these are just SOME of the many, many wonderful things that the co-op has to offer!  Ms. Patty and Ms. Mallory truly know how to stimulate and engage their kiddos, and it is still lost on me how they can captivate 19 toddlers with seemingly no effort at all.  Additionally, the co-op's philosophy that kids learn best through play and social interaction is one that our family fell in love with.  We were incredibly impressed and pleased with the changes we saw in our daughter throughout her year at the co-op.  Our sweet girl went into 3K a reserved, quiet, easily frightened toddler who was very content to watch her peers rather than join them.  By the end of the year, she was more independent and self-assured, yet also more conscientious and eager to be social.  She no longer resisted leaving for school and there were no more tears when saying goodbye to Mom & Dad at drop off!  It was apparent that she felt safe, comfortable to be herself, and excited to find out what her day at the co-op would bring.  Ms. Patty & Ms. Mallory cultivated a joy of learning in our daughter and we are forever grateful to them for giving our kiddo the BEST first school experience.  We will definitely be sending our other two children to the co-op when the time comes and continue to recommend Ms. Patty & Ms. Mallory to all of our friends, family, and anyone else who will listen!

~Thiessen Family (2018-19 school year parent)


Ashwaubenon Nursery School is an excellent preschool environment for children.  Ms. Patty and Ms. Mallory are both phenomenal educators and have created a developmentally appropriate curriculum for their students.  Children are immersed in a hands-on, safe and fun environment.  Ms. Patty and Ms. Mallory truly care about the development and well-being of each child; this is clearly shown through embracing their "school family" from year to year.  I recommend Ashwaubenon Cooperative Nursery School to everyone!  I wish all children in the area could experience this amazing little school! 

~Jessica V.  (parent of 3 co-op kids)


We love being a part of the Ashwaubenon Cooperative Preschool family. We have had one child attend the school,  our middle child is currently there, and we plan to send our third child there when he is of age.  After researching and touring several preschools, we decided on The Co-op because of the welcoming and energetic teachers; the commitment to play-based learning; the corrective behavior techniques; and the ability to be part of the classroom (and your child’s educational experience).  The teachers, Ms. Mallory and Ms. Patty, make the child’s first school experience fun with themed songs, books, and play areas. The themes are changed a couple of times every month, keeping kids interested. It is wonderful to see your kids excited and ready to go to school in the morning!  The teachers are incredibly accommodating and willing to be flexible to all students needs.  I love the variety of activities with school-based carpet time (weather, counting, writing, books, etc) and play-based social time. Emotions and behaviors are frequently addressed and defined in kids terms.  The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and are happy to discuss all aspects of a child through accessible communication. They keep parents informed at all times. A daily recap is given at pick up as well as school activities and pictures shared through a phone app.  Overall, I have and would recommend Ashwaubenon Cooperative Preschool to any parents or guardians of preschoolers!

~Jillian C.  (parent of 2 co-op kids)


The co-op has been the perfect place for our children’s first school experience. All three of our kids have loved their time with Ms. Mallory and Ms. Patty. They focus on building social skills and do a great job of creating a school family. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in your child’s school experience as a parent helper or going on their monthly field trips. There are endless opportunities to enjoy books, create art projects, play with building blocks, puzzles, sensory table and so much more! They have fun and exciting themes that are age-appropriate. It is easy to see that Ms. Mallory and Ms. Patty love what they do and all the kids equally love being a part of the co-op.

~Beth B. (parent of 3 co-op kids)

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